It’s the women that matter

The other day, after teaching an aerobics class, one of my regular participants stopped me to chat.  She’s in her early 60s, and has been taking class with me for a couple of years.  We got to talking, as we usually do, about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.  We were talking about why there are so many interventions in birth, why people choose not to breastfeed babies and why some people’s circumstances make breastfeeding virtually impossible.  We talked about things we have done, and things we’d like to do, to try to make things better. 

On the topic of breastfeeding, I said something about breastfeeding having so many benefits for children, it’s hard for me to understand why people without obstacles in the way choose not to do that for their babies.

She put her hand on my arm and said, “Yes, but it’s the women that matter.  The babies, too, of course, but honestly, I really care about the women.”  She then went on to talk about things like breastfeeding lowering the risk for breast cancer, helping the uterus contract back to non-pregnant size after birth, and so on.  She finished her comments by repeating, “I really care mostly about women.  It’s the women that matter.”

It’s the women that matter.

No apologies, no qualifications.  She wasn’t talking about ‘good mothering,’ or living up to this or that ideal, or observing a parenting trend.  She was talking about women, and her matter-of-fact belief in the central importance of our health and experiences.

We need more people like her.


Blizzards are GOOD!

Yes, I’m still scarce around these parts.  Still under deadline, brainpower maxed out, and unable to write a coherent blog post.  However, I am popping in to promote a good cause. I always love a good cause, and especially when it involves ice cream on a hot (okay, well, somewhat warm) day.

Although I’m generally not a fan of fast food establishments (I normally eschew them as the realization of pure evil), and I don’t think their periodic good deeds erase their overall destructive power (still with me?), Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day is pretty cool.  Go get a Blizzard, and DQ gives $1 or more to your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.  I know enough people with sick kids and babies right now that this seems like a pretty timely (read:  urgent) cause.

I know, I’m a fitness instructor and I’m advocating ice cream. Stop the presses!  No, really:  occasional ice cream is part of a healthy lifestyle.  What’s not healthy is declaring war on entire food groups because you hate body fat.  I would normally recommend something a little less processed/mass-produced than DQ ice cream, but under the circumstances, I think we can all take one for the team, yes?

So, go get yourself a Blizzard and feel GOOD about it.  Or, if you must, you can skip the Blizzard and just cut your hospital a cheque.  But that’s not nearly as sort-of-not-really-subversive, nor is it as delicious.


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