Blizzards are GOOD!

Yes, I’m still scarce around these parts.  Still under deadline, brainpower maxed out, and unable to write a coherent blog post.  However, I am popping in to promote a good cause. I always love a good cause, and especially when it involves ice cream on a hot (okay, well, somewhat warm) day.

Although I’m generally not a fan of fast food establishments (I normally eschew them as the realization of pure evil), and I don’t think their periodic good deeds erase their overall destructive power (still with me?), Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day is pretty cool.  Go get a Blizzard, and DQ gives $1 or more to your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.  I know enough people with sick kids and babies right now that this seems like a pretty timely (read:  urgent) cause.

I know, I’m a fitness instructor and I’m advocating ice cream. Stop the presses!  No, really:  occasional ice cream is part of a healthy lifestyle.  What’s not healthy is declaring war on entire food groups because you hate body fat.  I would normally recommend something a little less processed/mass-produced than DQ ice cream, but under the circumstances, I think we can all take one for the team, yes?

So, go get yourself a Blizzard and feel GOOD about it.  Or, if you must, you can skip the Blizzard and just cut your hospital a cheque.  But that’s not nearly as sort-of-not-really-subversive, nor is it as delicious.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carol Herbert
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 01:17:36

    So I missed the chance to buy a Blizzard on Aug 11, given that it is 9:15 pm, but I will make a donation to our Children’s Hospital in honour of the Juggling Matriarch – and buy an ice cream on another day!


  2. thejugglingmatriarch
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 01:20:28

    🙂 I approve!


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