Pre- and postnatal fitness specialist, owner of Mid Vancouver Island Fit 4 TwoICAN of the Cowichan Valley chapter leader, BCRPA-certified Group Fitness Leader (fancy title that really means aerobics instructor), and Childbirth Educator-in-training.  PhD in History and African American Studies, research consultant and writer specializing in health and social policy.  Co-facilitating a household comprised of a husband, 2 kids (1 kindergartener, 1 teenager), 2 big dogs, and 3 chickens.  Have I forgotten anybody/anything?  I juggle a lot of stuff.  The balls usually stay in the air, but not always. 

This blog is for my growing “birth professional” persona.  But my historian/researcher/writer/teacher/mother personas will probably rear their heads from time to time.  Or all the time.  It remains to be seen.

I advocate physiological childbirth.  I don’t like the term natural birth–I’m too much of a social constructionist and too schooled in historical thought to say the word ‘natural’ with a straight face.  I advocate informed choice.  I advocate women feeling powerful and strong throughout pregnancy, birth and new motherhood, and I’m doing what I can to help them get there.

For a more involved explanation of the angle from which I approach this blog, fitness, pregnancy & birth, check out this post.


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